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By sherylslq - 10:48 PM

Hi my buttercups! (I actually wanted to post something really depressing and sad cause I was really pissed just now but I should just publish that later and save it as a draft first.)
September holidays ended like 3 days ago and it's officially back to school. It's already the 3rd day of the week and it's term4! EOYs are in less than 15 days. That's really fast. Im definitely not prepared at all. I'm still lazing around and not studying. What am I doing with my life, (stupid idiot here that's why)

So anyways even though exams are nearing I still lepak-ed with my girls! They're officially like my new potatoes? Cuz we're all fat like that. During bio we were mentally stabbing people (reason for the depressing post) NEVERMIND THAT. We went to buy icecream after school today! That's why we fat. After that I bused and trained with tiara to jcube unimax then to clementi mall to buy things. Usuals, and I spent a hell lot of money. Ughh. But it was all worth. Bought gongcha again, (temptations okay)
So......... That's all. I'll just leave you with pictures.
P.s. I was still eating my icecream when they spammed pictures okay.......... UNGLAM.
Bye xo

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