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So recently a ton of people on { : drop me an interesting question alright?} have been asking me the same questions over and over again. So I've collated a few (about 20?) and I thought I would answer them here instead. (To keep this blog alive hmm)

Here goes! 
Sorry in advance if my answers aren't what you're looking for. Also, I may have answered some questions previously soooo... & i may not have included ALLL the questions because I'm leaving them for other posts. 

❋ Do you love someone?
not at the moment 
(apart from my family and friends) 

❋ Kiss or hug?
I prefer hugs 
They give me a sense of security

❋ Nickname(s) people call you?

❋ Favorite song? 
army of me - Christina Aguilera

❋ Favorite band?

❋ Best thing that has ever happened to you?
given the opportunity to attend the Big Bang Alive World Tour.  

❋ Something you would change about yourself?
my clumsiness ):

❋ Ever dated someone?

❋ Worst mistake?
not making full use of time

❋ Watch the movie or read the book?
read the book definitely!

❋ Ever had a heartbreak?

❋ Favorite show?
does Tom & Jerry count?

❋ Best day of your life?
28092012. Big Bang Alive Tour Concert. 

❋ Any talents?
Sadly, none.

❋ Do you wish you could ever start over?
every single time.

❋ Any bad habits?
I bite my nails.

❋ Ever had a near death experience?

❋ Someone you can tell anything to?
Probably Michelle?

❋ Ever lost a loved one?

❋ Do you believe in love?
Yeah, I do.

❋ Someone you hate/Dislike?
I'd rather not say.

❋ Are you okay?
As of right now, yes I'm okay.

❋ Relationship status?

So that's about it. Hopefully you guys got the answers you wanted & learnt a little more about me. I'll try to blog more often but I'm really busy so.. If you wanna find me [ Twitter: @wxndxrlust (I'll follow back if you ask) & Instagram: @sherylslq_ ]

stu(dying) @ sogurt 
prelims are in 2 days ): 

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