another year gone by

By sherylslq - 11:30 PM

as the years go by, we blow more and more candles off the top of the cake, don't we? or do we cheat and put only one? recently, i celebrated a triple birthday - my grandparents' and my dad's! we celebrated at a really lovely restaurant that served up teochew style cuisine

i absolutely loved every single dish and they were oh so yummy! i was having a pretty horrible bout of cough, so no salted egg prawns for me :( but every other dish that i tried tasted really great. the fish was my favourite (wellll, biasness here since i love fish so much heh)
there was also a garlic infused crab and holyyyyyyyyyy cows guys it was the best! i didn't really taste any garlic like i originally thought i would. it was simply amazing! 

the dinner was wonderful and filled with tons of laughter and joy. a family dinner has always been wonderful and this time was definitely not an exception! 
the dinner ended with us blowing candles, and cutting the cake, as tradition goes. the cake we chose was Strawberry Shortcake from none other than Rive Gauche!
i've always been getting cakes from Rive Gauche Pastisserie, no matter what the occassion is. they're always creating really lovely and super delicious cakes so why not! they have a huge variety to choose from and im always trying something new from them :-) 

the super nice lady also gave us a bag of biscuit samples to try!! from red velvet, to almond (which is my super favourite) and also their meringues! i really adore all their snacks and treats and will definitely be purchasing from them often. ((thank you to the lovely lady who gave us the entire bag))

and of course, what's a family dinner, without a family picture!! 


  and pictures of my cutie cousin Jared! 

outfit from @thesalle on instagram! (dress was manufactured from whitefiction) 

that's allll, xo

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