May 30, 2014

im coming home

If you have already realized, i seldom blog and update about my daily happenings. 
i'm truly sorry for not being able to blog often. school has been really hectic and really busy with the many assignments and project works due. :-( although i've been slogging my guts out the past few weeks, i've only managed to submit ONE assignment, which leaves me with about FIVE more to go!! it's definitely not easy and these assignments really tire me out. luckily i have a really great partner and we complement each other in the work that we have done, which definitely takes away a huge burden off my shoulders. my classmates and friends are also equally as encouraging. since we're all new to this, we definitely put in tons of effort as a class to succeed and to do well. i'm just really thankful that my classmates are so helpful and so encouraging :-) (love my class to death)

- to all the lovelies who asked me on ( | drop me any questions!) to blog more often, i'm truly sorry that i didn't the past few days.......... but here i am and im ready to do many blog entires about events that have happened over the last few weeks (long overdue posts coming right up!!)

starting it all off...........

a celebration of commonwealth secondary school's 50th anniversary. 

although commonwealth has only been my second home for a mere 4 years, i've made countless memories and tons of friends there. i can almost say that the friends i've made there are almost as close as family. homecoming was definitely not something like your usual performance after performance and end of story. homecoming was a bustling fun-fair carnival! there were food stalls (drinks, satay, pasta, and even candyfloss, i mean who could not include candyfloss?!), arcade games, dunking stations and also a temporary spray on tattoo station! everyone back in school were stunned at how much the school has transformed. although we graduated just a year ago, so many things have changed! there are so many new decorations and facilities, it's definitely a whole new look to commonwealth

originally, i was deciding between going to johor to spend a relaxing day doing "retail therapy".
however, this bunch of lovely hooligans ^^^^ thought it would be great to convince me. telling me how i would miss out so much fun and all the gatherings. so yes, i didn't go to johor, but instead, i went for homecoming. boy, am i glad i made that decision. meeting up with all my friends who have equally as busy schedules (thus it's almost impossible to meet :( ) and just having a chill and let's catch up session was so worth it! 
i met up with everyone and boyyyyy do i miss my secondary school m8s! they remind me what home is like. although i truly love my current class in poly, this bunch of people, we're just so different. 

i'll let the pictures do the talking since really, i'll probably bore you to death with all my words.

 my super lovely jamie whose birthday i missed ;(( 

the one who stuck with me through everythinggggg

i dont even know who some of the people are but hey when you have a phone you take selfies dont you??

my gurls aye aye aye

and of course, polaroids have to be taken!!! (did i mention that my polaroid camera ran out of battery :(( it was so depressing............)

and yes, my fav people who made life so fun and so amazinggg