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By sherylslq - 6:20 PM

ever since i posted pictures of the polaroid wall in my room, i've constantly been asked where i got my supplies and how i did the decorations etc. so i thought it'll be great if i blogged about my wall and everything about it :-)

so this is it

truth be told, i didn't really have a plan. i just woke up one day after browsing through tumblr and weheartit at 2am the previous night and started on what everyone and i myself call, my polaroid wall. i had no clue where to start and i didn't even have any rough guides planned out. all i knew was, i need to get my polaroids out of the container (that could barely be closed due the amount of films i have in it) and onto my wall.
ever since i got my polaroid camera (which i will talk more about later on) i've only imagined that i hung them up on my wall like this. using thread and pegs. but i realized that they would fall off really easily, and with the amount of polaroids i have, it would look really weird on my wall :-( 

then after browsing through tumblr and weheartit at 2am, i wanted to have the polaroid pictures form a heart (inspired from pictures below) 

but then i realized i have wayyyy too many, and the heart would be realllly huge. which wouldn't fit on my wall. i'm still quite bummed out about it because i really liked the idea of having all my polaroids form a heart like those below. but as the days go by, and as i continue adding more to the wall, i realized that mine has a meaning on its own and even without the heart, it still means a lot. 

so yes, the first thing everyone asks when they look at my wall is...... 
1) why live, dream, explore
2) where did you get the wordings from!

so firstly, i'll explain why live, dream and explore. i didn't really have that significant meanings behind why i chose these three words. but since i've always been a huge achiever and i would never settle for something if i know i can do better. also, this fragile life im living may end any day, and i'm very very certain i wouldn't want to live a life filled with regrets. thus, live. to remind myself to live life to the fullest. to enjoy life. to count my blessings instead of wallow and cry about what i don't have. 

i've always been a huge dreamer, even up till today! so dream, dream big, there's nothing wrong with dreaming. 

and lastly, explore. ever since i was little i would always be exploring, for new places to go or for new things to do. i have always been looking around to new places in singapore to hang out or small cafes to just chill. exploring and finding new things bring me so much joy. which is why i chose explore. it's also because, one day i would love to explore the world and the many unknowns out there.

so yes, although these may not be legit reasons why i chose these 3 words, i'm very certain they mean a lot to me. and i got these from a craft store in australia :-( but i'm very sure you could find these at craft stores like artfriend too!

and as for decorations, all i did was paste the polaroids in random orders all over the place, surrounds the wordings. i had no proper plan for which picture to go where, so yeahhhhh, as you can tell this was a very impromptu decision to decorate my blank wall.

// selfies bc why not // 

well i kinda wanted to put my face here and also because my adorable bear is in the background together with the polaroid wall too! hehehehe xo 

if you have any further questions you can always leave me a question @ ask.fm/wxndxrlust :-) xo

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