May 1, 2014

being a freshie

as you all know, poly life has started. (which is probably why this post is almost a week and a half late)
So yes, I'm back to school! HOORAY???? I'm not too sure what to feel about school yet, but for now I'm glad im back to school - rather than rotting my life away at home.
so back to the topic on hand, orientation 2014! or what we called it - CSOP 2014. when i first found out that we had orientation during the first week of school instead of a week before like most others, i really didn't know what to think of it. was it going to be boring or was it going to be cool and fun like everyone else's. truth be told, i thought i was going to be boring and i was really dreading the camp. 

CSOP2014 was a 4 day camp with no overnight stays- which i was glad for as i really didn't like "horror nights" and "night walks" which the other orientation camps had. (im a huge coward ha ha)
we were sorted into 4 tribes- teen titans, justice league, avengers and xmen! guess which tribe i was in? 
AVENGERS of course! and in each tribe there were sub-tribes, and i was sorted into avengers, subtribe 2, NOVA. we had a total of 4 group leaders who were leading us and 10 freshies aka freshmen aka us! 

DAY ONE started of with all us blur freshies being super shy and awkward. we were all just really quiet and we didnt dare speak up much :-( we started off the day with ice-breakers as usual. after we warmed up to each other, well slightly, we started playing games like splat, takoyaki, ninja etc. (p.s. i was the winner for two rounds of ninja woooop yay me!!!) we also had lunch together as a group and we got to learn more about each other like what schools we were from and what ccas we were in. 
of course we had selfies tooooo! anddddd we had to do a lift selfie, because why not?

that was pretty much the highlight of day one since we didn't do much through the day. apart from the moment we got to find out who our coursemates were. and i
i ended off day one with a trip to starbucks with my lovely coursemates! i was really starving so i got myself my usual chocolate chip cream &; a chicken puff :-)

DAY TWO was definitely way more exciting as we were all somewhat bonded as a subtribe by the end of day 1. we reported as usual and had talks about our courses and the other activities we have around the school. we also had a game of human fooooseball! and hell it was fun and of course Avengers won! Oh.... The weather was really hot and it was a horrible decision wearing normal shoes because the sole of my feet was burning up. Human fooseball was definitely a new game i've tried and it was something i would definitely do again with friends. 

And of course! we had to include another group selfie while in the lift (we were obviously way too lazy to actually well climb the stairs sooooooo...........)
we were all in blue, our sports and wellness tees! So we ended and all of us went home tired as usual, but ready for the last day anyways.
OH YES. Before going back we actually were in the attic sculpting flower balloons! Let me just say, I SUCK AT BALLOON SCULPTING. Im so afraid of balloons, even though i worked at artbox - a place where people actually come by to get balloons from. Guess i'll never get over the fear of balloon bursting in my face?? 

DAY THREE was the last day of CSOP14, which was held by the HMS society. I woke up pretty early and got ready to take a train to Toa Payoh. I took the red line from bukit batok to toa payoh, which is probably a bad idea considering how long the journey took. But lucky me, i got a seat. The journey to toa payoh was so boring :-( all i had was my phone and my book. By the time i reached toa payoh, i got a quick bite from mac (mac breakfast to start the day???? why not!!) and we made our way to the gathering point.


Our main objective of day 3 was to sell and raise as much money as we could for Beyond Social Services. And I'm very proud to say we raised a total of over $16K for the organisation! 

We kinda have this obsession over fisheye lens?

After the event ended, we made our way back to school via a bus. The journey was a horrrrrible one considering the fact that i hate buses and i have a horrible bout of motion sickness :-( 
But nonetheless i was ready to continue the rest of the day's activity the moment i was in school. We had performances by the various tribes' gls and it was definitely heart-warming knowing that even when they were so tired they still tried to perform for us. :-) It was a wonderful way to end the CSOP journey and of course when everyone dispersed, PHOTOS HAD TO BE TAKEN.



NOVA's four super pretty and super amazing GLs. They were worried that we didnt enjoy ourselves, but come on, we had such an amazinggggg awesome time! I'll definitely mark this camp as one of my favs.

And dear Nova,
3 days isn't enough with y'all im sure!! I can't wait to start this NP journey knowing that so many wonderful people are here with me. Thank you all for these 3 days! :-) xoxo

something worth keeping :-)