being a kid again @ kidsamaze!

by - 5:27 PM

on the last day of csop, aka day 3, the lecturer told us that we CPEE students had to wear long sleeve tops. all of us were thoroughly confused. where were we going? what were we going to do? i had absolutely no idea, and under such warm weather in singapore, LONG SLEEVED TOPS?! i was very sure i regretted wearing a long sleeve top the moment i wore it. 

but hey hoooo, guess where we cpee students went? kids amaze @ safra (jurong) of course!
but first, i got to meet my coursemates & my classmates. and the first thing we did as a class was............ exchange instagram accounts, numbers anddddd; take selfieees

my utterly bimbotic pose ^^^ 

from the moment i saw my classmates, i knew this year would be a great one. they're so lovely and amazing, im pretty sure i wouldnt ask for another class over the one i have now, i mean look at us. we're all so adorable ;-)

after playing around kidsamaze we were dead tired - yes our stamina is just nopeee. so when youre on a break, what do you do? you take tons of group selfies again. HAHAHA.


i ended off the day by heading to jurong point's starbucks again to get myself a fix of starbucks. ( i feel like a white girl right now omg ) but yes, i headed there together with sarah. yay! starbucks makes me really happy even though it's really expensive but who cares when youre tired and all you want is a drink - not to mention starbucks had a x2 point system during that time! 
so that's all i guesss. 


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