June 2, 2014

gr8 night gr8 company


If you are following me on instagram or on twitter, you would probably know that I went for a farewell bbq yesterday evening/night. The farewell barbecue was planned for one of the most caring, patient and loving teacher that has taught me, Ms Yeo since she was going back to America due to personal reasons.
She was our teacher for 2 years and despite being the rowdiest and loudest class, she never once gave up on us. Combined Humanities was the only R1 subject we had and she knew how hard it was for us to do well while trying to balance so many other things on hand. She was constantly pushing us on, trying to get us to strive for excellence and the best. She was also super lovely and super encouraging, which is why I could not have asked for a better teacher!

As you all already know, I am horrible at time management and at planning out my day. So, the original plan was to meet Asyiqin at 5:30PM at Jurong East, then take a train to Bukit Panjang. But I after doing drafts from my assignment, I was so mentally drained that I fell asleep! I fell asleep and I totally forgot about my plans to head to IMM first to grab donuts for the class since well, donuts makes everyone happy right? I jumped out of bed at 430PM and rushed to get ready. It was a miracle I managed to put my shirt on the right way before heading out the door. The bus, being well, mean, decided to arrive really late. Thus making me even later than I already was! I brisk walked to Dunkin' Donuts and order a box of 12. Choosing 12 donut flavours is definitely not easy! Not when you have so many choices to choose from and soo little time! But I made it and I chose a few unique looking ones because who doesn't love trying new flavours!

I took a bus to Jurong East, when I realized that I had to top-up my card! And as usual, the queue on a Saturday, at almost the peak hour was crazy long, and crazy slow :-(
I felt so horrible being late but the queue just would not budge. Finally, I made it and I met up with my loves, Qi Ting, Asyiqin, Wen Ting and Pei Sha! We then took a train to Bukit Panjang!! Gosh do I hate train rides during weekends, and during peak hours.

Finally reaching the venue we quickly found our way to the bbq pit. Well, we kinda took a ton of turns to find the bbq pit, and we actually used our sense of smell ;') It's a miracle we weren't lost in the condo! Meeting up with everyone after so long definitely brought home a lovely homey feeling. Ms Yeo arrived soon after too and it was such joy talking to her. All of us were also busy catching up on how school's like and all.

When we were having a heap loads of fun and just enjoying ourselves, IT STARTED TO RAIN! Yes, it rained. We were all pretty bummed out about it, but hey we worked well together, clearing the bags and food into the sheltered carpark. After seeking permission from Jovan's parents, we decided we would crash at his place. It was quite a shock that all 35 of us could fit into his place with space to spare. 30+ people is definitely not a small amount!

selfies in the rainnnnnnn

Thanks to Qi Ting and Wen Ting, who spent their entire night in the kitchen helping us to prepare the food since we no longer could barbecue them. Meanwhile, everyone else was just hanging around the house, chilling, playing cards and taking selfies! On another hand, my girls and I were busy catching up and just enjoying each other's company. We were also doing the farewell card/board for Ms Yeo while telling out our ""life stories"". Eventually we decided that we would not be horribly awkward introverts and decided to mix and mingle with our other classmates and friends.

It was just like old times, when everyone was super open with one another. It really made me happy that even after graduating, we are all still this close to one another. It was such a wonderful evening spent with the people who made secondary school life less like hell.

And of course, we ended the day with taking so so so many polaroids, selfies and group pictures too! All the fun and joy had to come to an end, and we were truly upset that it had to end. It was definitely a gr8 night spent with the gr8est people despite the rain.

love of my lifeeeeeeeeeeeeee yupi gummy 

my kitty kitty who has seen the worse and the best of me :')

and of course, thank you jovan for being such a great host! 

thank you ahmad too, for taking time out and planning the wonderful get together!