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By sherylslq - 1:33 PM

Monday blues aren't always a thing.
Some Mondays are just better than others. 

On Sunday night, my tutor texted our class What'sapp chat group and told us some "good news". Tutorials and lectures were cancelled! Therefore, I had no classes on Monday. However, here comes the dreadful part. I still had to go back to school just to submit my assignment. Yes, travel all the way back just to submit a piece of work. To be frank, it was a complete waste of time! I had to travel for almost an hour just to submit a few pieces of paper (which I spent many days on). So since my class has this thing for celebrating birthdays for the people who are born in that month, we had a mini celebration for the June babies! (Aka Agnes and myself.)

I was truthfully scared because they were being so sneaky and sly! :-( I definitely didn't want to have cake smashed on my face, (especially since I didn't bring extra clothes to change.) But it was so thoughtful of them to make cards and get cakes for us. Agnes was their main target since she was turning 18!! They smashed a handful of whipped cream on to her face, poor Agnes dear she had no idea at all!

But of course, they prepared tons of tissue for her because they knew she would freak out! 

The cake they got was super sinful and super rich in chocolate and it was heavenly ;-) 

1T01 girls (well some of us) & the table was such a mess but we were too lazy to pack up. 

It was such a sweet gesture, I really loved the card. ^^^^^

Mondays can be fun afterall! 

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