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By sherylslq - 9:07 PM

Poly life hasn't been all sunshines and rainbows. With the endless amounts of homework, tests, quizzes and assignments coming our way I honestly have no idea where some people got the idea that "poly life is so free and easy" from! 

So over the weekends, my parents thought it would be be cool if we went out for dinner as well as some dessert! So we made our way down to Vivo City! Boy, was it packed with people, especially those who came back from Sentosa. We had no idea what we wanted to eat so we decided on something cheaper, and super unhealthy :-( 
So yup, we had Texas Chicken! I wouldn't say it's as fantastic as I thought it would be but it was still pretty good. The portions were really huge for a family like mine since we're not big eaters at all! My mumma upsized 2 meals and it was definitely way too much for us to finish. 

After being stuffed with food and more food we decided to walk around vivo! And the moment I saw Candy Empire, I dragged my parents into the store like as though I was a little kid. (no shame there) I love gummies and it's been so long since I last had candy or even stepped into Candy Empire! So as usual, me and my brother went crazy choosing gummies of different flavours, well mostly our usual faves.

We would have bought a larger bag but sadly we have to controllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll. It was so tough trying to control my impulses to get more gummies! :-( But anywooos, we got a reasonable bag (it was $5!!) and yes I'm going crazy over it. (I'm such a child)
 Do you remember these from back then? I always thought they were gone and it took me so long to find them!! Look at the variety of designs. 

I wanted to buy them all :(( LIKE WHO COULD RESIST?! 
So we got one for my brother and my cousin. 

We also got a few other snacks and bites from Candy Empire since they were on sale! After stocking up on tons of snacks and sweets and other yummy delights, we walked around Vivo until we found Haagen Dazs

My family has this thing for dessert especially ice-cream! We would have endless talks about anything and everything. So we ordered the seventh heaven which was a plate of fruits (peach, banana, and strawberries) together with 7 normal scoops of ice-cream of our choice. Of course we went for the usuals since we weren't really adventurous enough to try something new. We laughed and talked about everything that has been going on at work, and in school. It was a great time chilling and just spending time with my family.

if you were to tell me that it does not look appetizing/good, it's as good as saying you are lying...........


The Prom Comm was super sweet and got me a cake as well when they realized it was my birthday in a week's time! It was such a pleasant surprise and I honestly couldn't have asked for anything more! :-)

I also went for lunch @ Manhattan Fish Market with Asyiqin, Farhana and Qiting after the meeting and had a quick catch up session with them! 

so that pretty much sums up my weekend! and I'm really glad I got to spend time with my family & of course my dearest Prom Comm & fave babes!

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