June 11, 2014

tea party cafe!

I'm a sucker for good food and nice cafes! Cafes have always been my weakness. I adore lovely cozy cafes that you could spend hours in eating good food, drinking a warm cup of tea/coffee, reading a book or just having a great catchup session! So since yesterday was Agnes' actual birthday, we decided to head to Tea Party Cafe along Bukit Timah Road for lunch!

We looked as though she was the elder sister and I was the younger one. 

I love food. Let me just say that loud and clear, I adore food of all kinds. Asking me to choose a meal was tough, really tough. :-( But I decided on getting a Hawaiian Pizza in the end. It wasn't fantastic but the cheese was really rich and that was what I loved most about my meal. 
Originally when we asked the lady at the counter, she said the meals did not come with soup/drinks. So we ordered extra drinks, I got a vanilla ice blended! BUT the meals did come with drinks and we felt like we were somewhat cheated as we all bought extra drinks (that was pretty pricey) :-( 

The meal was less than $10 and it came with drinks & soup too! It was definitely pocket friendly for students like us.

I just had to take a picture of my friend, Rachel's meal because it looked so good! The fries smelt really yummy and although we paid extra for drinks, which made the entire meal really pricey, I felt it was worth it (without the extra drink)!

After finishing our lunch we decided that we should leave since we had a ton of assignments and work to complete for the next day. 
Now for me to tell you my lovely adventure! I missed a total of about 5 buses because I was checking the board to see if the bus went to Bukit Batok. It was such an embarrassing moment for me since my friends were waiting with me (I was the only one going home via the buses on this side of the road). 
When I finally got on a bus to head home, I was exhausted and I had no idea why. But that pretty much sums up my Tuesday!