June 20, 2014

out and about

I finally got to meet up with two of my really close friends from secondary school, Michelle and Jamie. It has been wayyyyyy too long since we actually went out together and had a proper catch-up session. So the original plan was to meet at 11am. BUT being the really blur people that we are, we didn't mention where to meet at! I happily assumed that we were meeting at Clementi to train down together and so did Michelle. Jamie however, thought it was 11am at Orchard! It was such an epic joke, she was waiting for us at Orchard while we were still on the way there since there was a mix up in where to meet! But after being almost an hour late, we finally met up at Orchard!

Since Michelle and I woke up late, we skipped breakfast and thus we were almost starving when we reached Orchard. We walked around taka and had absolutely no idea what to eat so we ended up at Popeyes! Since we were intending to grab snacks along the way we order 5 tenders to share among the 3 of us. (Yes I know that's very little for 3, but truth be told, we're not that big eaters. We prefer smaller portions and more varieties.)

After we were done with lunch, we continue to walk around and just had a great time talking about what has been happening in our life and all. We haven't been to town recently so we were just walking around aimlessly trying to find our way. 
Jamie was super nice and since I paid for lunch, she said she would pay for the ice-cream! We finally found our way to the Hokkaido ice-cream, thanks to Jamie leading the way. 

There were so many flavours to choose from and I really had no idea what I wanted! I ended up picking melon and both Michelle and Jamie picked milk (unadventurous much!) 


So after getting our ice-cream cones we headed to food republic to take a seat since we didn't want to have ice-cream dripping everywhere we walked. We also continued to catch up and just had an absolutely amazing time catching up. 
After finishing our ice-cream we headed to cathay cineleisure! I had the urge to watch maleficent and since there was a show at 2:50pm, we bought tickets for the show!! 

((Maleficent was such an amazing show! It really made me wonder if evil even existed.)) 

Since we had time to spare we sat down and kinda just spammed a ton of photos! Let's just say there was a ton of unglam pictures flooding my camera roll.......

 Jamie had to leave by 3 so it was just me and Mich watching the show. After the movie (which was superb), we decided to do some shopping since Mich needed more shorts and I just needed more clothes in general.
H&M was by far my favourite even though the queue for the changing rooms were kajlkdsjajdai long! Forever 21 didn't really have anything that I would usually get so :-((
After shopping we decided to head for dinner before going home! Yes, we had dinner at Burger King because we were so broke after a whole day of shopping and movies.

I really enjoyed myself and it was so great finally getting to catch up with them. We definitely need to do this again and we're planning on cafe hopping the next time we go out! :-) I can't wait to meet-up with these lovelies again!!