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Since I didn't get a proper celebration with my parents, we decided to take a trip into Johor for a movie and food! The jam there was horrible and we waiting for almost 2 and a half hours before finally crossing both checkpoints. Lucky for me, I brought along a book which I was currently reading, Before I Die by Jenny Downham. I'm also a huge snacker during long distance drives.......... so nutella snacks!! 

I was really bored after awhile and the queue wasn't even moving! :-( 

After finally getting past both checkpoints! We headed off to Johor Bahru, Bukit Indah!

Upon reaching, the first thing we did was to get movie tickets! The show we wanted to watch, Edge of Tomorrow was sold out so we settled for How to Train Your Dragon 2! No regrets watching that show! It was heart-warming and definitely a great family show.


How to train your dragon 2 
 I would probably rate it a 4/5. The end was quite a rush and certain parts could have been developed more. It definitely brought about new perspectives and new combat actions! I would highly recommend it as a family show as it does after all focus on Hiccup and his father. The bond shared between Toothless and Hiccup was also very nicely portrayed. 

After choosing a 5:40pm show, we headed to A&W for our lunch/tea snack since we didn't have anything for lunch. Let me just say that their fries has always been really amazing and I really want an A&W outlet opened in Singapore :-( 

Root beer floats from a&w are the best! Every single time I'm at A&W I would always order root beer floats and yummmm. Sadly they didn't have any waffles that day :-( 

After the movie, we walked around the mall looking for formal attire clothing for my brother since we had weddings to attend at the end of the year. Upon getting everything we needed, we decided to get dinner at a Japanese/Korean restaurant. 

After dinner, which was almost around 8 we decided to walk around the mall. And we chanced upon the House of Minis! They had lots of different mini cupcakes and donuts and being the sweet tooth that we were, we bought 6 donuts & 6 cupcakes! No regrets buying them and they sure tasted yummy! 

As bonus, I got myself some mini cupcakes and donuts! They're soooooo tiny yet they taste so great 
*heart eye emoji*

And of course, we ended out trip with snacks and more snacks!! 

So that pretty much sums up my entire Saturday adventure! :-) 

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