Jurong Lake Run 2014

By sherylslq - 10:19 PM

It's been almost a week, no wait......... It's been two to three weeks since I've last updated. Boy do I feel guilty for abandoning this small space of mine... But sadly, school has been super busy recently and I just never had the time to sit and do a proper blog post. Apart from school I've also attended many events, adventures and outings recently and I kept reminding myself to find time to blog! But I'm only given 24 hours a day and majority of the time I'm trying to get my assignments done for school.
(So bear with me as I update y'all on whatever I've done so far and have been up too!)

Starting it all off............

If you're following my Instagram, you'll probably know that I've completed the 6KM Jurong Lake Run!
Yes, it's my first time joining this event and let me just say I wasn't a fan of it right from the start. My mum signed my family up for this and when I first heard it was going to be a 6km run, I was just "no mum, please tell me you're joking!!" I was super hesitant and I really wanted to give the entire thing a miss.
But of course, since it was paid I had to go for it. (I would be dead guilty if I skipped it when it was paid for already.....) I started the event hesitant and probably with less than half my heart in participating but I ended the event with no regrets!

Through the entire run, I was able to push myself past limits that I never knew were even there! Watching everyone persevering on and running was such a sight! I even met some of my classmates and friends after the run. After the entire run, I was definitely motivated to do more and to lead a much healthier lifestyle!

(My aunt finished the 10km run!!!)

All in all, this was a superb experience and boy am I glad I didn't give it a miss! :-) 

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