June 16, 2014


If you guys caught my last two posts, you would realize that my birthday falls in June! June 12th to be exact. On the 12th of June, which happens to be a Thursday, I had a test paper for CHSE (Child Health & Social-emotional wellbeing). I stayed up the previous night to study for the test since I really didn't want to screw up on of my first few tests. The paper wasn't as bad as we expected it to be, but it was still challenging. After finishing the paper, a handful of us went to Orchard for lunch!

We had Pastamania for lunch and guess what! They actually served us an extra set of garlic bread even though no one ordered it, oops! So we decided to just chill and hang around because we were all too full. After that we headed to Editor's Market

There were so many things that caught my eye but I was really cash tight so I had to let it slip. One of the bags, which was a small crotchet bucket bag caught my attention and I really wanted to purchase it but I was really broke....... I'm definitely going back there to get those super pretty bags!!

After we were done shopping at Editor's Market, we decided to take polaroid pictures well because we wanted to! 

Let me just say, taking selfie shots for a group of 4 definitely isn't easy! We tried so many times and someone was bound to get cropped out of the picture. 

Like I said previously, I have a thang for food and glorious food! So when I saw Dean &; Deluca, I rushed in with Agnes. We were just overwhelmed by the different kinds of snacks and treats they had. I got myself a "birthday treat".

Cheesecake Caramels!! I love cheesecakes and I love anything sweet, what else was better than cheesecake caramels! *heart eye emoji much*
I also got myself one of my all time favs, dark chocolate with cranberry!!

After we were done with shopping for food and just roaming around Orchard, we decided it was time to head home. When I got home, I knew my brother had a surprise for me but I just didn't know what it was. I mean well, duh, it's a surprise isn't it?!

So yes, I came home to my entire bed filled with balloons! I have been dreaming of this for such a long time and for my brother to have gone and done a surprise like this, I was speechless.

My cousin also gave me a handmade bookmark which she drew and I was really really touched by her gesture. My brother's present was by far the simplest and probably my fav too. He bought me an entire tin of Oreo cookies because he knew how much I love Oreos

We ended off the day with cakes because who ends a birthday without cakes right? So yup, a sinfully rich chocolate mousse cake from Bakerzin as well as a cheesecake my dear friend made for me. It was such a nice night spent with my family, my aunt and uncle came over too! & It was truly a 17th birthday well spent! 

Thank you everyone who wished me and made an effort to get me something. Especially my friends who were currently overseas and despite the timezones they still wished me a happy birthday. :-)