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So this post is exactly a week late and I am truly sorry for delaying blog posts recently...... 9th of August as we all know is National Day. The day where we all "suddenly" become really patriotic proclaiming our love for Singapore when just days ago we are complaining about our home. But really, are we that unhappy with Singapore? We have one of the lowest crime rates in the world and much better quality transportations than quite a few countries. So why is it that we are always complaining? Not to mention the sudden increase in racial disputes over the internet recently. Well, truth be told, I do complain every once in a (really long) while. But I know that Singapore has always been one of the best countries and I couldn't really complain much after comparing ourselves with the many countries out there. 

So starting off 9th of August, my dad brought my brother and I to JCube to catch a movie! Guess which movie we watched. GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. It was so cool and action packed and it has so much emotions and so much of every aspect. If you have not watched it and want something to brighten up your day, I suggest you watch it soon! It brought us so much laughter and of course a few tears were shed towards the ending but that's another story. I felt like some parts were not very clear due to the lack in development from the character well maybe because they aren't the mains but nonetheless it was a movie worth watching.
After the movie we decided to head down to WhatTheFries for fries (duhhh?) & I decided I would get myself and my brother drinks from Starbucks.

After eating and talking and just stuffing ourselves with goodies, we made our way down to meet my mum at Raffles! Upon reaching we decided we would just walk till we found a suitable place to settle our butts down. We had no plans, N O T H I N G. We just wanted to watch the fireworks tbh. So we walked and found tons of people gathering in a plot of land and everyone was super prepared with floor mats and food/snacks (e.g. potato chips, snacker boxes from KFC, dominos pizza, AND HOMEMADE MEESIAM TOO). Some even brought their pets along! We were shocked that everyone came so prepared! And there we were, empty handed with nothing but a big gulp which my brother bought from 7-11. 

Soon after we sat down, the red lions started descending from up above! My mum has always wanted my brother to be like one of them (or was it like one of those pilots..........) but we had a ton of fun discussing how my dad would go absolutely bonkers if we made him jump from such a height. (HE IS TERRIFIED OF HEIGHTS.) We also talked about how much things have changed over the years in Singapore.

Do you remember that Aunty that had the selfie stick. We laughed at her endlessly, and look where we are now...... Using the exact same thing. So yes, out comes the selfie stick and here we are trying to angle it right to get everyone in.

I just love how all of us seem so genuinely happy in the photo above. 

I attempted to take a picture but my mum just would not enter the frame in time. She was still wondering why my dad was posing when "I wasn't taking any pictures". But whoooopdeedoo, she found out a little too late and that's why she's blocked.

Selfie sticks are so dangerous for phones! The thing tilted out of a sudden and I was so scared my phone was gonna crash on the floor. (Not that it would, I mean I've dropped it so many times and it's still working fine with no scratches soooo....)

When I want to take a picture and no matter how much I yell "guysSssssSssSSSSssS" no one turns to look at the camera. So that's just us hanging around doing nothing since we had no idea what was going on on the platform.

Yes, I know the flag is actually flipped but that was the view that I got. We were on the opposite side of the floating platform hence the flipped flag. The sky looked so gloomy and I was so worried it was going to rain. Imagine everyone trying to run for shelter. It would have been hectic! Thank heavens it did not rain :-) 

I told my mum not to move in the pano shot but she did. And so did my brother. So hence my mum's face appearing twice & my brother looking much bigger than he actually is. I really need to start taking more pano shots to train my accuracy and stability when taking pictures. 

More family photos because we really had nothing to do except for hearing the music and all but not know what's exactly going on. We had nothing to snack on too which was great I think. Imagine sitting there and doing nothing but snacking, we would definitely gain weight over the weekend! HAHAHA.

I love the Singapore skyline so so much. When it's dark and everything is just lighted, it's such a magical sight (well without the extra weirdness here and there and if it were really dark.) So yes, I took quite a few with my face inside :P

And yes, we ended the wonderful night with fireworks and more fireworks which were spectacular

Till next time! 
xo, S

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