September 1, 2014

Say "I do", my dear.

Two halves of the same soul, coming together as one. 

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always thought of weddings as really magical and really amazing events. To me, weddings were almost like a fairy tale, a princess' dream come true. I have always envisioned weddings to be like balls you see in Disney princess movies. The princess, or in this case, the bride wears a stunning white gown and the prince, well the groom, wears a suit/tux. Hand in hand they would walk down the aisle and when they finally say "I Do" it would be the union of two hearts.

When I was 3 I was my aunt's flower girl. I wore a white dress and had a tiara or was in flowers - I can't really remember... I walked down the aisle before my aunt entered the ballroom and it was so magical. It was so pretty, every single thing was in place, the music playing and everyone was standing up brimming with smiles and tears of joy. 

So on the 31st of August, my aunt got married. It started off really in the morning as the groom had to pick up the bride before heading back to the groom's parents' house. So we woke up at about 6 in the morning and got ready. After we reached, we were stunned, the bride my dear, she looked so pretty in her gown. My brother being the one to open the door waited at the void deck for the groom and his brothers to arrive. 

All these pretty ladies in pink wore similar yet super different dresses were my aunt's bridesmaids. Each and every one of them had a different way of wearing the dress and it pretty much portrayed their personalities. 

After torturing the groom and his brothers for almost 40 minutes, they finally made it to the house.

One of the tasks the groom had to finish was to write a wedding vow no wait, create a wedding vow. He was given materials that were usually used for scrapbooking. There were a ton of words he could have used, from "Lah!" to "backside" but he stuck to the conventional terms like "I promise to take care of you, cook for you" etc. Although it was sincere and all, I felt it could have more fun and more memorable if he used the weird words given on the paper. After all it was meant to be something like a scrapbook.

Finally opening the door and picking up his bride. 

After visiting the groom's parents, they came back for the traditional tea ceremony.

After every thing ended, there was a buffet and all of us ate till we were full since everyone was starving. Of course, we had to take group selfies together with the lovely bride. 

Here we have the really awkward me and my cousin. I can't remember what we were laughing about but it was caught on candid.

After the morning ceremony ended, everyone went back home to prepare for the night dinner & solemnization.

The pure joy written on their faces after the father of the bride hands her over. 
When the father brings the daughter down the aisle and places her hands in another man's, it signifies that he is now handing her life to someone else. Hoping that the man would treat his daughter with every respect and love. It is one of the most beautiful moments, especially to me since I'm a huge daddy's girl.

With my uncle's girlfriend. She never fails to bring humour and joy to our family, damn she's amazing. 

After the solemnization ended, everyone made their way to the area outside the ballroom. 
We took a ton of pictures since it was after all a really special night.

We attempted to take a really nice family photo, but somehow things just looked really awkward........
Especially the gap between me and my mum. 

My brother just had to show the entire world his hand and his cast. It annoyed me to no end because this was actually a really pretty family picture.

And of course, popping the champagne bottle!

The yamseng section was so loud and everyone was so happy and enthusiastic! I was busy taking pictures since my drink wasn't filled :-(

Of course, more pictures!!!

It was an elegant and magical night for both the couple as well us all of us. It was a moment where everyone was dolled up and although we were not the stars of the night, we felt like we were. 

"Miracles will be, look at you and me,heaven helped us to, believe that dreams come true."

Till next time! 
xo, S