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By sheryl soe - 8:58 PM

The first thing you would see when you Google friends would be the American sitcom Friends which I'm almost certain everyone is familiar with. But I'm not here to talk about that sitcom (it would take me years to explain my love for that show, for your info!). As you all know, poly life is definitely NOT filled with slack days or lepak days at all. Well, not for me or my coursemates for sure! We've been flooded with presentations, assignments and my examinations are in less than a week. (P.s. I'm not even half way done studying but decided to take a break to blog nonetheless.) Adapting to the poly lifestyle hasn't been easy. Being so used to having teachers around all day telling me what to do, bugging me to hand up my work and reminding me that tests/exams are round the corner- and in general relying so much on teachers has definitely been my downfall. Lecturers in poly can be all fun and laughter in classes but when it comes to assignments it's either you make it or you break it. My lecturer told us that she marked our assignments leniently but I ended up getting a B+. Imagine the grade I would have gotten if she were to mark it the usual way. I would probably get a C or D. 
But that's besides the point of this post. 

Here's a little back story:
Truth be told, being in a new environment scared me a little, well actually, A LOT. I was really worried about studies and everything else- Wondering if I would fit in or if I would be left out. I worried a lot about friendship issues and I was really scared, what if I had to live through 3 years in poly without friends............ (I mean I've stuck by the same friend I met on the first day of secondary school for all 4 years!! I was never the first to make tons of friends.......) 
The first few days of school was terrible for me! I had no idea where I fit in and everyone seemed to have cliques and groups and friends they were familiar with. I stuck by people who were familiar to me, but soon realized that I couldn't do that for 3 years if we were all in different tutorial groups. Furthermore they were also busy making new friends with people in their classes. I tried to join the different cliques in my class and found that I was very awkward around them all. I was like a lost puppy trailing after them, not being included and just being there just so I wouldn't be lost when going from class to class. By the end of the first week, I made myself a promise: I would make friends and I would make sure I'm not some awkward turtle when I'm around them. I went to school on Monday, a brand new week and started interacting more with my classmates. Soon I found myself in a group of friends who were so cheerful and bubbly! It made me wonder why I never tried approaching them on the first day. Over the next few weeks I found that we blended well as a group of friends from all over. Some quiet ones, some cheerful ones. I was immediately "attracted" (BY NO MEANS IN A I LOVE HER MANNER LOL) by one of the girls, Aida. She was so crazy and so hyper and when it came to doing work she was just so discipline! I felt like our personalities were somewhat the same- AND HEY

(Here we are conquering our very first group presentation together!)

I did my first pair work with her and we grew to be much closer friends. Throughout I had never once abandoned the friends I knew before I met this class. We still went out together and ate together and we still were great friends. But fitting in with the bunch of crazy people made me realize that friends are soooooooo important in life. They help you through so much and they motivate and encourage you. I'm so grateful for the friends that I have met along the way, despite our bickering and crazy hectic moments. 


And of course, every Monday i would spend one and a half hours under the hot sun playing soccer with these super amazing and fun-loving people
 At first we all had doubts and were dreading these sessions. But over the weeks we bonded very well and we managed to play wonderfully together (I feel!!) 

Much love and respect to our wonderful coach who has spent countless hours trying to teach us the ways of being a beginner at soccer. He has to try so many ways to explain certain techniques and hats off, or well, caps off to this coach of ours who never gave up on a bunch of girls who were actually afraid of the ball on the first day! Ending off the sessions, I think we played and grew as a class. Mondays will never be the same without them all!

Friends help you to conquer the world. It is impossible (well, to me it is) to live a life without friends. Friends support you, they encourage you (true friends do) and they are there for you when you need them. Finding these gems have been wonderful and I cannot wait to continue poly life with them. Although poly life will no doubt be tough, I'm sure we will be able to survive together!

So always always make sure you promise yourself to find someone, at least one person who would always be there for you no matter what. Find someone you're comfortable with sharing your life with. Find someone you know you can count on. Find someone who doesn't ask for anything in return no matter how much they have done for you- because those friends, are truly diamonds. Those are the only friends you would need.

Till next time!

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