September 9, 2014

surprise surprise ♡

Last monday, one of my closest friends turned 17! Yes, she is officially 17. I wanted to stay up till 12 midnight the night before to wish her a happy birthday but I just dozed off at around 11 plus oops! So the day before, I grabbed a bunch of our close secondary school friends and told them that we should surprise her (or just have dinner with her) since she's always helping to plan everyone else's birthday! And so we did. 
I definitely did NOT wake up early to get ready since she had classes in the morning. So I left home around 1 and took a train all the way down to amk hub. I really wanted her to walk around with a bunch of balloons so yeah, I went to artbox and bought her a bunch of balloons. Then I trained to yck, which is where her school AJC is. I contemplated waiting for her at the mrt station but decided against it and I walked to AJC's main gate. It was so weird standing there with a bunch of balloons and every single one of her schoolmates gave me really weird stares. But I guess that's that when you stand awkwardly at someone else's school gate with a bunch of balloons! 

After that we really wanted to grab something to eat, and decided to head to Bishan. We wanted something to eat since we were so hungry but then again it was around 4 (and we were planning to have dinner at 6 so it was going to ruin our appetites.........) so we decided to just get drinks from Coffee Bean since the weather was so skdaksdhkjahdkjjHOTHOTHOT. 

She loves whipped cream wayyyyy too much. 
(Clearly the vanilla ice blended is hers, not mine.)

We headed to Westgate and the train was soooooooOOoooooooOooo packed. It was a miracle that the balloons didn't burst in the train or smack someone right in the face.
We walked around Westgate and popped into stores that had "SALES" tagged all over and uGH we were so tempted to splurge on the clothes but we had no money $$ we were so broke that day........ 

After walking around for almost 20 minutes we walked to Griddy! 
It wasn't really much of a surprise since she kind of knew that I would have planned something. But still it was a pleasant surprise. We talked and caught up with friends and dinner was really filling.

After dinner ended, we continued to walk around aimlessly because we were too full. We ended up over at JEM's rooftop because we wanted to "surprise" her again with the cake and all. Of course, the rooftop wasn't the best idea considering the amount of couples who were making out there.......... and the wind!! It blew the candles out within seconds before the guys could even bring the cake out.

After countless attempts to light the candle and sing a birthday song without the wind blowing everything away, we finally did it!
Of course, we asked a random passer-by to help us take group pictures. Thanks random person for being so patient with us and taking over 6 polariods for us.


After everything ended and the guys left, we decided to be hobos and sit on the floor....... and take weird selfies and wefies and group pictures. 

Ft. the lovely colour coordinated balloons I got her YAY 

This girl right here, I would say is the first friend that I've made in secondary school. I met her on the very first day of school and ever since then, we have been almost impossible to separate. Of course we have other friends that we hang out with, but it will almost always end up being just the two of us. I cannot believe that it's been 4-5 years of knowing her and being her friend. She's such a treasure to me and I can't imagine what I would do without her.

 ^^ These pictures pretty much sums up our friendship. We're so weird and quirky I don't understand how we work sometimes.

Ending off with 3 different attempts at taking a group picture. 

(Sorry if this post was super lengthy heh......)

Till next time! 
xo, S