December 3, 2014

11pm thoughts

It has been really long since I've last posted something here. Im supposed to feel bad that I broke my promise of updating often, but I don't feel bad at all. Assignments after assignments, I barely have time for myself.

But I decided to drop by and update anyways- with thoughts of mine that happened last night (and as the title suggested, at 11pm).

"im in bed and the lights are off 
the only source of light i have is the one from my screen (how typical)

im hungry 
i can hear my stomach grumbling even though my fan is really annoyingly loud
how i sleep through the night with it blasting i dont know 

im scrolling through pictures of food 

and i wonder why im torturing myself

im hungry; my grumbling stomach made that pretty clear just now
but food oh glorious food

pictures of my holiday in australia 
makes me feel like leaving everything I have here and running back there 
it was filled with happiness and joy 

as compared to right now 
when all I can think about is when my assignments and homeworks are due

i want so badly to run away and hide in a box 
with nothing but myself 
and maybe a good book 

for awhile 

just to escape the stressful life I have

just to live for awhile 
and do something i actually want to do
(not that i don’t wanna study something im passionate in) 

oh look at the time 
it’s 12 now

another day

another story"

Till next time,
Xo, S