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By sheryl soe - 9:06 PM

Recently a dear friend of mine, Aida (the ariel princess) turned legal! Yes, she turned 18. Although she turned 18, I swear she still has the mind of an 8 year old. But thinking again, it isn't a surprise that she still acts like an 8 year old since we are in Child Psych & Early Education. So since she loves Ariel (the little mermaid), we got her a bunch of balloons- one that said "Birthday Princess" and another that was of Ariel. 

Imagine carrying these balloons on board 61 to school. I was so traumatized at the countless times I was about to fall while holding the balloons on the bus. Thankfully I didn't hit or smack anyone on the way to school. After the "tormenting" experience of bringing the balloons on a crowded bus, the next thing was to hide it away from her when we were in the lecture hall. We left the balloons at the back of the lecture hall, right in the very corner since we were always sitting right in front. 

Although we were sneakily doing the card during lecture, the end product wasn't too bad! 

After heading to Tea Party Cafe, we waited for her to arrive since she thought that we were busy and unable to join her. We got her cakes and waited and waited. They took forever to reach Tea Party Cafe (like a realllllly long time).

While waiting, I took out my markers and decorated the red balloon (red being her favourite colour). I was super proud of my "art work", by the way!  
Finally the birthday girl reached and she was super stoked and surprised by what we had installed for her (I think!).

{ I'm going to insert photos instead of blabbering about what happened and what we did }
So pardon me if there are no words, and just a whole lot of photos. 

While we were eating and chatting away, it started raining super heavily...... and we were all stuck indoors. So we ended up taking a shit lot of photos together. 

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