time is ticking

By sheryl soe - 12:10 AM

Time is ticking.

Time doesn't stop. 

Time is running.

Time can't stop. 

Time is ticking.


Time is running, time is ticking, time is running out and it won't stop for anyone. It won't slow down, it won't stop and it most definitely won't rewind. Time will never stop and things will go on, people will move on and things will change. How much time am I truly left with in life? It could be years, months, days or even minutes. We can never truly tell when things will go wrong and when all our years are taken away from us. 

A few posts ago I talked about the many regrets that I had and how they were starting to weigh me down. Keeping everything to myself was starting to take its toll on me. In that very same post I also said I was going to continue living life without any regrets. I would continue doing things I love even if they have negative consequences. I won’t let things or people around me stop me. BUT THAT IS WHAT I DID. I let everything stop me from pursuing what I love. I held back my tongue, I kept my opinions to myself, I kept everything to myself and it did nothing but make me a sad blob- a huge blob and to be very honest, a mess.

With the endless assignments coming my way (even though I have already submitted 5, there are still more HOORAY), I’ve been such a mess and every single thing was affecting me. Even the smallest of things were getting to me. I couldn’t concentrate and was constantly tired out because I worried about the things I didn’t have to.

I broke my promise to myself- which is to be less negative, aka more positive and to live life without regrets. But honestly, how many of us can live life without regretting ANYTHING at all? 

But I wonder, how life would be like if I regretted nothing at all. How things would be like if I didn’t regret spending my holidays watching Korean dramas and reading books instead of going out to meet-up with friends. How things would definitely be different if I never met someone or the people I’m currently friends with. How things would be so different if I spent more time with the people I love instead of wasting time chasing after people who were clearly weren’t interested in being friends at all.

But what annoys me the most is I regret things that I could not have controlled at that point of time. I regretted not spending enough time with the people I loved most and I regret wasting my time doing unproductive things like sleeping and playing games instead of doing things I absolutely love. I regret so many things, friending the wrong people, loving the wrong people, leaving the wrong people and just doing the things I never thought I would do. 

The clock is ticking. Time is running out. I’m pretty sure things are never coming back round twice. Time won’t stop for me, neither will it stop for you. Start living life. Love and cherish everyone you know. I know that I can change. I can change and be a happier person by living life with lesser regrets. I can do all these, I can friend who I want to. I can talk to whoever I want that makes me happy. I am thankful that I can still do all these and I can still change. I can still love the people I love because they’re still here with me. I can’t bear to imagine the day that they’re not here and the day I realized I should have done more than just be selfish. 

I have promised myself things that I knew I would never be able to hold on to. But I’m sure this is one thing I will never break. I’ve realized how much I’ve wasted and I will indefinitely change to make life even better.

Love, smile, laugh, eat, joke, read, dance, sing, DO WHATEVER MAKES YOU HAPPY. Do whatever makes you and only you happy. Be selfish for once, and live life for what it really is. 

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