tis' the season to be jolly

By sheryl soe - 11:47 PM

tis' the season to be jolly

I have always been amazed by Christmas and basically the entire season in general. The decorations along Orchard road (Paragon, Far East Plaza, Tangs, Taka)- everything never fail to impress, especially when the lights are all on. The spirit that flows through everyone, the joy and love that is being spread around always makes me feel tingly and happy. Walking around Orchard 2 weeks back made me super duper happy. I really don't have much to say about the decorations- so let me just insert pictures.

My favourite part of Christmas is always the giving of presents (and maybe sometimes receiving...........). Seeing everyone receiving their presents, and the way their faces light up makes me happy too. I would always spend hours packing and creating small gift packages for friends and family. Packing a present isn't as easy as just wrapping it up and writing the person's name on it. I actually take a ton of time to pick the different gift wrappers that would suit them and the way to wrap it as well. 

This year, being busy with school during the "Christmas season" made finding presents a whole lot harder. I haven't had time to actually shop for presents for my friends, and coupled with my empty wallet- I'm stuck and I don't like giving nothing! I have no idea what to get for everyone and I'm literally about to pull my hair out for not being able to get presents in time. Not to mention the Secret Santas I have to buy for gift exchanges which are coming up really soon! 

My oh my, I'm really in trouble now- aren't I?

But hey! It's the season to spread love and joy. So I'm going to let things be and hopefully after my class ends tomorrow I get to go find presents for everyone!

P.s If you see the Harry Potter theme in this post- from the two gifs- YOU'RE MY FAVOURITE KIND OF PERSON.

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