February 26, 2015

to february, with love

The month that comes after January. The second month of the year. The second chapter of 2015. The month that's filled with love and all the sappy romantic stuff. I know "Hello February" posts are supposed to be up within the first few days of February, not the last few. But I like being special.

I honestly thought I would have more time to blog since it's the holidays now, but now I doubt so. I have so many drafts on hold and I barely have time to blog, and that sucks.

February has been a really busy month for me. I started off the month with assignment due dates as well as my final examinations. I thought I could take a break after the hectic school term was done, but I was wrong. Spring cleaning for Chinese New Year was crazy tough since we didn't have a domestic helper (and gosh, I sure wasn't used to doing everything on my own since we had helpers for the past few years). After all the festivities, I decided to head back to work part-time. Sure it's ironic that I'm complaining about not being able to take a break but here I am going back to work instead of resting at home. But with the amount of money left in my bank account, It wasn't really a choice to get my butt back to work.

So so so many things have happened recently, it'll probably take me more than awhile if I wanted to blog about every single thing that happened. As much as I would love to, I doubt I would have the time to do so. But for now, pictures and more pictures would do to trick!!

February in a nut shell, snaps & frames
(not everything that has happened though, since I haven't transferred most of the photos into my laptop)

Starbucks can never get my name right. 

Ending off Year 1 with my favourite poly people. Caught "The Wedding Ringer" as well as Starbucks' 1 for 1 on the last day of our examinations. I'm really grateful for every single one of them and gosh am I blessed to be part of qt3.1472 (yes it's wrong, we know)....... 

Took us quite some time to finally plot the perfect surprise for our darling princess but we did it. Much thanks to her brother's wonderful lying skills. Also, I realized how much I miss doing emath when I helped Tricia's brother with his homework. GOSH MATH I MISS YOU SO MUCH.

What's Chinese New Year without the annual reunion dinner and lou hei! Loved the atmosphere with everyone around talking and just having a wonderful time catching up.

Finally tried "Nutella & Go". Was it as great and to die for like what everyone said? Not really. It just reminded me of yan yan. 

Italian dinner to celebrate mummy's birthday, which happens to fall on the first day of Chinese New Year! I went through such a rollercoaster ride lying to my mum just to get out of the house to collect her cake. And she bought the story that I was going to my friend's house to celebrate cny. How cute.

Celebrating Lydia's & Sean's 18th birthday at Singapore Botanical Gardens. It was such a hectic day getting everything set up and making sure we don't accidentally bump into them while on the way to the venue. The sun was also really happy that day, shinning extremely bright and melting us into puddles. (Not really, but you get what I mean!!)

Work work work and more work. Of course, I pampered myself with a drink since it was the end of a crazy week. 
I love empty trains, they're just so peaceful.

February has flown by in a blink of an eye. If you haven't realized, we're already nearing the end of another month. Time really flies doesn't it.

with much love, sheryl (ɔ˘ ³(ˆ‿ˆc)