I've done it.

By sheryl soe - 10:47 PM

The holidays are almost over. In less than 12 hours, I would be up and out the door- ready to conquer my second year in Ngee Ann. (Oh who am I kidding! I would probably be up, but barely ready to conquer anything at all..) I'm not exactly sure how to feel about going back to school. I mean, I really want to be back in school because I miss my classmates heap loads. But I'm definitely not looking forward to the piles of assignments ready for us.

When I first started my holidays, I was worried that it would be another 2 months wasted away rotting at home. Spending my days doing absolutely nothing, except for chilling on my laptop and sleeping. Lazing about, catching up on all of my tv shows/series and letting my inner fangirl be free. 
I pictured myself doing this everyday, or maybe most of the days.......

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I kept telling myself that I had to do something, anything at all. I couldn't waste another perfectly amazing holiday doing absolutely nothing at home. I just wasn't gonna waste away that much time doing nothing. 2 months worth of holidays, and I was determined to make sure I did something useful. So I told myself, every single day- I have to do something. Even if it were little things, daily, at least they were something.

Do something.

Looking back at the things I've done, the list seems pretty much filled with things. No, my Instagram wasn't filled with a ton of pictures with friends or of good food. I was at work almost 4 out of 7 days a week, and on weekends I would be home being maria. But still, even with the little amount of time I had out of work, I still managed to get a ton of stuff done. 
  • Celebrating Qt3.1472's February babies' birthday
  • Unleashing my ultimate fangirl at the One Direction OTRAT in Singapore!!!
  • Retail therapy (I have no idea how many times I've roamed shopping malls alone just to get some time to myself after a hectic week)
  • Reading, reading and even more reading (I finally found time to sit down and enjoy a ton of good books hehehehe)
  • Volunteering at the tribute centre for late Mr Lee
  • Going for BP-NP Mentoring Camp
  • Pre-camp & CSOP'15
  • Jamie's birthday lunch/surprise
  • Had catch-up sessions with secondary school friends
  • Harry Potter marathon with Hannah (took us a little too long to plan it)
  • Caught up on movies I've missed out on 
I achieved my goal, which was to not waste my holidays away. Yet, have enough time for myself just because. I was really happy that I got time to finally catch up on reading. It feels like forever since I've actually sat down with a book and lost myself in its world. I allowed myself time to be alone, to drown out my thoughts and just listen to music/read a book. I couldn't be bothered that people were giving me weird stares cause I sat alone and ate alone. I couldn't be bothered that it's not normal to go out alone and just alone.

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I went on impromptu dates/lunches/dinners, because I had no excuses not to. I went out of my comfort zone and joined camps. Even though I joined some on impulse, I didn't back out like I usually would. I didn't think of some crap excuse as to why I couldn't make it. Gosh, I'm glad I didn't. The camps I've gone for during this holiday made everything better. I made new friends, I learnt new things.

So with that, looking back at the entire 2 months, I can only say one thing: I've done it. I've achieved my goal of not wasting away my holidays. I feel like I've done so much (although it's really not a lot). It feels great to have done things for myself, to have accomplished the things I wanted to accomplish. It feels really amazing. Now that I'm not moping about how I've wasted my holidays because I haven't, I'm ready (well, somewhat...........) for tomorrow and for the adventure that the new semester will bring.

Here's to a new year! 

with much love, sheryl (ɔ˘ ³(ˆ‿ˆc)

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