Pride & Joy

By sheryl soe - 10:30 PM

One of the greatest things I've done this holidays was to be part of CSOP'15. But if I were to ask myself back then if I knew I would be part of something so great, I would probably laugh and say that camps aren't my thing and that sleep is so much more important to me. Truthfully speaking, I never expected myself to sign-up to become a GL for CSOP'15. It was an impromptu decision because the majority of QT3.1472 had already signed up. 

When I clicked the link to sign-up, I wasn't really thinking about anything. I just knew that I had to fill in the blanks and answer the questions. I remembered laughing to myself at how dumb my answers were and that it would be a miracle if they were to choose me to go through the second round of "interviews". But the "second round of interviews" never came about. My classmates got the email, and were buzzing in the group chat about how excited they were. I didn't receive any "email", so I just brushed it off thinking that "Oh well, I guess I just wasn't one of those chosen." But of course, I did receive an email- just that it was sorted into my spam folder. 

The email had a ton of information about the entire camp, from pre-camp to the actual camp itself. I was half ready to say I couldn't make it for pre-camp just because I knew I would be really tired from an entire week at work. But I told myself, since I'm here- why not, let me just give this a chance. I didn't come up with any crap excuses because really, I don't think they were gonna buy my lame reasons of why I couldn't make it anyways. So I committed myself to pre-camp and also the actual camp, of course. 

Before pre-camp came about, the whatsapp group was created and the only thing I did was to scroll through the list of people in the chat group to spot the people I already knew. Thankfully, I wasn't the only one in the tribe. I knew people, from places and I felt safe knowing that "Hey! At least I'm not completely alone." So when pre-camp came about, I met the people who were going to be my partners in crime throughout the entire of CSOP. 

I felt horrible throughout the entire of pre-camp because I wasn't participating much and I really wasn't contributing anything out at all. I had the worst attitude, honestly and the bitch face was perpetually stuck on my face. In my defense, I was at work the entire week and it was really tiring. I felt like I was stoning for most of the first day, and I didn't really get out of my comfort zone to talk to anyone. But by the second and third day, thankfully I woke up my stupid senses and started acting like I was gonna be in this camp because I wanted to be. 

Funny how I said I didn't know why I wanted to join the camp at the start, but after awhile, I realized the reasons why I wanted to be there. I wanted to step out of my own bubble, my own comfort zone. I wanted to get to know more people, people from the same school as me. Not necessary to be friends with every single one, but to know more people. Just because. I wanted to do the same to the new batch of students coming in as what my GLs did for me last year. They helped us/me integrate and blend into the school life and I would forever be thankful. 

Sincerely grateful to this GL of ours. Without her, we probably wouldn't have bonded that well as a subtribe last year. Thank you Ysanda!!! 

So, with that my journey in CSOP started. I was glad that I wasn't stuck in the same tribe as the rest of those from QT3.1472. Why? Because I saw how happy each and every single one of us were with our different groups of friends. Imagine if it were to be just us, and always just us- spoils the fun doesn't it? So yeah, I'm glad I found new friends in Water Tribe. I'm glad I walked out of my comfort zone.

Truth be told, I was scared shitless on the first day of CSOP. I was so worried that things would screw up, that we would forget things. Or that the worst case scenarios would happen- like what if my freshies hate me? What if they hate camp in general? What if they don't respond!! I had so many thoughts running through my mind. I was so super duper worried that I was going to do a horrible job and that the freshies were gonna have the worst impressions of CSOP. But with the two of them as my subtribe GLs, Dorothy & Evelin- they made everything better. They were constantly assuring each other, well we all were- that everything would be ok! We were so sure that we were gonna be able to make it through. And we did.

I can't thank you girls enough for this amazing journey. I know I was kinda bitchy because I was paranoid and all, but you two are like my elder sisters. Always taking care of me throughout this camp. Especially since my voice was gone and missing. They really were the reason why we could succeed as GLs for our subtribe, I'll forever be thankful and grateful for them.

When we met our freshies, all the worries I had vanished. I knew instantly that this bunch would be a great bunch, and that they were gonna be really amazing. I wasn't wrong, I wasn't wrong at all. 

My Pride & Joy

I don't even know where to start, honestly. I can't stress it enough that I'm super duper proud of them. Seeing them grow from awkward turtles when they first entered the CC to them being the first few subtribes to memorize the cheers and cheer is so confidently. From a bunch of really shy and quiet awkward freshies to a bunch of yall who are open and daring enough to walk around school asking for donations for BSS during Donation Drive. 

I entered CSOP'15 thinking I was gonna be really awkward with all of them, but they never failed to give us their all and for that I'm really thankful. Senna, you have really really really made this journey an amazing one. Even with the worst sore throat and a voice no one can understand, they still gave us their cooperation and they were the best freshies anyone could ever ask for. 

Water Tribe

To the people I've spent I think 8 days or so with, what a journey this has been. I regret not having enough courage to speak to everyone, even if it were just small talks. I really wanted to, but me being the anti-social me, decided that being quiet in a corner was the better idea. How dumb of me. But nonetheless, this rollercoaster ride would not have been possible without every single one of them. From cheers to dances to even more cheers to weird stuff that water tribe does. They were so willing to invite anyone and everyone into their circle, and even if we were awkward turtles- they didn't care at all. We bonded, even if it wasn't on a heart2heart close knit level, but we still did. Because everyone made an effort, somewhat. I'll forever be thankful and I'll always remember you guys.

CSOP'15 has brought me so many new adventures, friends and lessons learnt. I don't think that there's anything else out there that could have replaced the experience I've gotten from this entire camp. Nor would there be anyone else out there that could replace the people I've spent this entire camp with. Looking back now, I'm glad I signed-up. I'm most definitely glad that I didn't chicken out like I usually would.

with much love, sheryl (ɔ˘ ³(ˆ‿ˆc)

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