18 years

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School started a week ago. Everything is back to being hectic and busy. Assignments are never ending, and I've about 2 months till my exams. Hooray!!!! I wish the holidays were longer. But yknow, life goes on. I wanted to blog about so many things that happened during the holidays but I just couldn't find the time :-( and I didn't want to just whack a ton of photos in each post just so I could get stuff out and update this space. Oh well.

*  *  *  *  * 

So......... I turned 18. It wasn't that big of a deal, really. I didn't wake feeling like whoa I'm 18. It felt normal, really normal. Everyone thinks that 18 is a magical age, the "finally legal" age. The birthday that should be grand, just because you're finally legal to drink, smoke and do God knows what. But I hate it. I hate grand birthday celebrations. All I want is good food and great company. A simple meal with friends, just chilling and chatting would suffice. Just a simple meet up with friends would make me really happy in fact. Thank heavens to Michelle and Jamie, cause that's what they did for my birthday. So I'll just skip the boring parts and jump straight into whatever happened.

They brought me to Slappy Cakes @ Resorts World Sentosa! I've been dying to try that place out ever since I first laid my eyes on it a couple of months back. Or was it a year back. I'm not too sure. But anywayssssss, it's place for you to create your own pancakes. And what do I love more than pancakes? Even more pancakes!!! 

So you choose your batter, and toppings and once it arrives at the table. You just create it any way you like! You can do regular round pancakes or create weird designs, I mean at the end of the day, they're still be edible pancakes. 

Michelle being a science student decided she would try creating DNA pancakes?? 

It was a ton of fun creating different shapes and sizes using the pancake batter. You could do anything, really. Maybe if I were slightly more artistic I would have done more than just swirls and circles...... But it was the company that made everything ten times better.

We didn't do much after we ate cause we were all so full from pancakes. So we just walked around and talked, caught up on whatever has been happening and of courseeeeeeeeeeee we took loads of photos. I know I said I didn't want to spam photos in the post just because- but really-

I was super excited cause they were pastel coloured?!? Like where have you been all my life pastel coloured m&m's!!! 

Jamie just loves creeping.................

I have no clue what on earth we were thinking. 

^ Basically how our friendships work :-)

We tried, we really tried taking proper photos but we couldn't. That's just how we roll. Although I was only with them for a short few hours, it really made this birthday a great one. I just loved sitting with them, talking about useless things and about things that we probably wouldn't remember come this Christmas. But gosh, I love them so much and I can't be more grateful that they planned this little outing for my birthday. It's nice to know that despite being in different schools with horribly busy schedules, we would still have each other.

*  *  *  *  *

So after I left RWS, I took the train to Holland V. to meet my family for dinner. I was really craving Jap food, so that's where we went. The food wasn't great, which was a bummer. But the cake and ice-cream at Haagen Dasz made up for the meh food.

Much love to everyone who came down to celebrate my birthday with me, and my parents for planning everything. 
Hehehehe, I was a super duper happy girl by the end of the 12th of June. :-)

I guess this marks a new year, being 18 and all. I hope another year would go by smoothly and things would turn out better than expected.

with much love, sheryl (ɔ˘ ³(ˆ‿ˆc)

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